Lowest Price for water well digging in your town and import rings directly to you .Water companies pay only for water supply , but also for waste water , the amount of discharged wastewater is billed according to the amount of water consumed from the tap , in addition to the price of water and sewage increases every year .In particular, people using large amounts of water to irrigate their own gardens are often more disadvantaged sewage tariffs . The ideal solution is a private well , the well water will not translate into water or sewage , to obtain a significant source of water .

Dug wells constructed in concrete rings by internal diameter of 80 cm and 100 cm = external volume 1 meter column of water = 500 liters of water , 100 cm inner diameter and outer 120 = volume of 1 meter column of water = 800 liters ( concrete rings ) to 1,000 l ( plastic centering ) of water , what is the advantage especially in the summer months when groundwater level declines , you have a large enough reservoir water over curbs with an internal diameter of 80 cm .

Another advantage is the possibility of deepening and insertion of small rings , which we can design according to your needs .

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